The fourth wall

The fourth wall is a film on paid hospitality and visual codes that regulate and nuance relations between host and guest.
The film is build and constructed around a program that was prepared prior to arrival in Chongqing and will thus follow a 24/7 (10 nights) detailed regulation of time. The consequential installation in the exhibition space in Organhaus is a projector setup with double headphones.
The work will be presented in 10 parts and part 1 will premiere on the opening HOTEL ASIA PROJECT in Chongqing, Organhaus October 13th. 2012.
Part 2 will be presented the next day and so on, until the end of the exhibition with part 6. Each of the 5-10 minute videos are produced in Chongqing and aim to conceptualize aesthetic labour in terms of interpretations of host intention and guest reception and the given framework in which this physically takes place.
The general intention is to look at the overall aesthetic labour as embodied labour of, in and as organization.