Ni Kun
Curator of Organhaus / Chingqing, China

Born and raised in Hunan and living in Chongqing, Ni Kun is an artist and the co-founder of the non-profit organization Organhaus Art Space. The art interaction in the background of rapid urbanization in China and globalization is his concern, which he uses as tools to reflect the circumstance by developing series of experimental art practices refer to "City and Reconstruction". Recently his curating works include: Forum: "Under-Construction/Reconstruction as the “Imagination” of Social Practice: Projects on Social Art Practice by Artists in Asia" (The Rockbund Museum; Curator); 6-week thematic studies in Fukuoka Art Museum as a researcher; Daily Farm: Video Art Exhibition on the New Silk Road 2014 (Sinkiang Contemporary Art Museum; September 2014, Curator); "Play City: Sm-art C&V" Forum (April 2015)