Yoshitaka Mōri
Sociologist, Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts

Dr. Yoshitaka Mōri is Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts. His research interests are postmodern culture, media, art, the city and transnationalism. His publications include Street no Shiso (The Philosophy in the Streets) NHK Publications, 2009 and Popyurā Myūjikku to Shihonshugi (Popular Music and Capitalism) Serica Shobō, 2005/2012 (in Japanese) and “J-Pop Goes the World: A New Global Fandom in the Age of Digital Media” Made in Japan: Studies in Popular Music, T. Mitsui (Ed), Routledge, 2014, and “New Collectivism, Participation and Politics after the East Japan Great Earthquake”, World Art, Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 5/2, 2015 (in English).