bakudapan food study group
Artist collective / Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Cooking in Pressure

This project has interrelation with the edible weed project. We found out, during the 1965 genocide, the survivor of this tragedy, using edible weed as a survival food. We intend to investigate the silent history from the perspective of woman ex-political prisoner which commonly seen as minor narration. Back in 1965, Indonesia was known for the genocide of alleged Communist party sympathizers. Following the genocide, in 1966 there was a shifting of president, from Soekarno to Soeharto. This shifting was generated the alteration of whole policy, including agriculture and food. From the agrarian law to export import and trade policy. In this project we want to questioning how the relation between the food politics during those era using the domestic stories from the women survivors. The idea is how to connecting and positioning the canon history with domestic narratives and can be seen also from masculine-feminine perspective. In this project we intend to publish our finding through Recipes Book.

bakudapan food study group
bakudapan is study group that discuss ideas on food. We believe that food not merely about filling the stomach. Moreover food are not restricted about cooking, history, conservation and the ambition to introduce it to the world. For us food can be an instrument to speak about broader issues, such as politics, social, gender, economy, philosophy, art, and culture.
As a study group we were open for those who would like to join with our projects and activities, despite the difference of backgrounds. The main scheme in our projects is to do cross reference and research about food, which have trajectory between art, ethnography, research and practice. In doing research, we interested to explore and experiment with the methods and forms, from arts (performance, artistic setting, exhibition, etc) to daily life practices (cooking, gardening, reading, etc). As a reflection process and our intention to generate and share the knowledge, we produce a journal in every projects and actively train ourselves to writes in our website.

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