Takamaru Tezuka
Artist / Naha, Japan

Moving, and Heaping Stones

100 years or 30,000 years later,
thinking about found it by someone,
I heap up stones.
When I was young,
I found the way of “heaping Stones”, 
Just I imagine the people who lived here in the past,
someone will also imagine my life.
Heaping Stones of the mountain.
My body becomes as a part of the mountain.
“Heaping Stones” becomes the mountain

"Shirako gaeri(Return to Shirako Village)" is a project to return back to the  Shirako Village in Yaku-island where is my hometown. This project started since 2013 and it will be lasting for ten years until 2022. The aim of"Shirako gaeri” is thinking about the future of here and to re-capture/experience the relation between me and this village. The definition of this project is “I or with someone would be return back to the Shirako”. In the generally summer time, as when I go back to my home, around the ten to twenty participants visit and live together in Shirako. Currently, I purchase the land where is the place could be base of this project while building a house with heaping stones. Also I started a "/ jama /" which is the exhibition for the mountain from the 5th year of Shirako gaeri.

Takamaru Tezuka
Born in 1991 in Yakushima Island, now based in Okinawa Prefecture. Tetsuka has developed his activities and works while traveling between two places, Okinawa and Yakushima Island. His major activities are: “Shirakogaeri” that a project keeping to return back to Mt. Shirako area in Yakushima Island where is his homeland since 2013. And he started the “BARRAK” which is co-working artist run space in Okinawa since 2014. His past exhibitions are “Ran-hansha”(Lit, Okayama, 2013), “Private war and Landscapes”(Maruki Gallery, Saitama, 2016), “NOME-inbetween gaze”(WAITINGROOM, Tokyo, 2016), “/jama/”(Yaku-Island, Shirakoyama, Kagoshima, 2017)