Differentiation of imagination: On construction 

The theme of 2015 Hotel Asia Project is aiming at "REAL ESTATE / LANDSCAPE”. Urbanization and landscape becomes a new, concrete reflection and dialog object. Initiated by GALLERY SOAP (Japan) on 2011, Asia Hotel Project involved colonization, economic gap, leisure, industrialization and immigration. And the reality of information visualizing and fragmenting brought by globalization is specifically reflected by artworks.

The new “REAL ESTATE / LANDSCAPE” set three cities from different area of Asia: Kitakyushu, Bangkok and Chongqing, with the same globalization encountering, same urban landscape, and same fragmental contemporary life wrapped by Internet. In terms of this encountering, Arjun Appadurai, the Indian-American anthropologist, looks at globalization in terms of homogenization and heterogenization, he also mentioned that resistance, localization, and those power of separation will rearrange differentiation of culture, meanwhile redecide political and cultural identity of heterogenization. The localize landscape under the globalization is a new thought with more details and social context discussions. His dynamic culture theory can lead to a series of reflection. On the impacts of capital, Internet and consumption, new media triggered the movement and reconstitution between Image, Imagined and Imaginary. Those terms leading us into fresh and new in globalization is recreate and reconstruct a fact that Imaginary itself will exist as an power of social practice, which is the field the art is able to reach.

The view of Asia Hotel Project 2015 covers the encountering of countries in same regional geography. Differentiation dialog will be the activeness of it.  The reaction of artists regarding the living context will restore into reflection about contemporary life. Globalization brings us homogenization, but the key of it is how we respond the heterogenization. And this is the reason we start the conversation.