A.K.A. Serial Killer (1969)
Masao Adachi (Film maker)

“A.K.A. Serial Killer” traced the path of Norio Nagayama, nineteen-year-old boy, who drifted between various cities, murdering a total of four strangers with pistol in 1969. But the presence of the killer is nowhere to be found in the film. Instead, Adachi treats the viewer to an hour and half of mundane “landscape” shots of the neighborhoods and roads Nagayama, teenage-boy visited as a free man.
AKA: Serial Killer proceeds through a series of landscapes along the paths of the young killer's life and final rampage. And it was the film that defined the "landscape theory" for which he is credited as one of the founders: the radical Marxist theory that the visible landscape around us, from its most picturesque to its most banal aspects, is a pure expression of the dominant political power.