Pisitakun Kuntalang

THE FOX (Full color Animation 34min)
By Pisitakun Kuantalaeng

I am interested in talking about political prisoners, especially those indicted under Section 112, the Lese Majeste law concerning the violation and offense against the dignity of a reigning sovereign. Section 112 has been modified after the Coup of 2006, and again after the Coup of 2014 to increase the severity of the charge, leading many to be arrested. What happened with these individuals was that they did not have a chance for fairness at all. When accused of Section 112, they were prosecuted right away with virtually no fair trial. It was as if they were guilty without needing any proves. This injustice, under various guises, is sustained as a code of law used to suppress and eliminate differences in political ideology. Many imprisoned did not receive justice under this law, since this is a crime against the reigning sovereign.

I would like to talk about the imprisoned and the problems with this particular section of the code of law through the use of animation. This work will be nothing more than an endeavor to portray my thoughts through the space of the animation world. Whereas, it would seem, it is impossible to question and display the problem occurring in Thailand in real space, especially under the control of a military government such as it is now.